Family Bushcraft Days in Garstang, Lancashire

These sessions are led by Laurie Seddon. Laurie is an experienced Primary School teacher and Level 3 Forest School Practitioner with full specialist insurance for Forest clubs. He leads the family bushcraft session which are intended to enable people to enjoy the outdoor environment in a fun yet harmonious way. All staff involved in the family bushcraft sessions have DBS clearance.

About the Family Bushcraft Sessions

The Family Bushcraft sessions are a brilliant opportunity to spend time with your family and friends learning bushcraft skills or to treat your children and their friends to an exciting woodland experience. The price of these sessions enables up to six children/adults to take part – if you would like to include more people in your group please ask us for details. The sessions can be adapted for a range of different needs and include a variety of seasonal activities. They are mainly intended to enable children to develop their outdoors skills in a relaxed and fun environment. However, the activities are also suitable for adults and are a great way of enjoying learning new skills and spending time outdoors alongside the children. They take place in our farm woodlands.

  • Half Day 10am- 12:30pm
  • £125 (includes up to 6 children/adults)
  • Biscuits and a drink of cordial
  • Campfire making using a fire-striker
  • Making stick bundles for campfire logs and minibeast homes
  • Bug hunt
  • Den building
  • Toasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate and cooking popcorn
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  • Full Day 10am – 3:30pm
  • £250 (includes up to 6 children/adults)
  • A tasty campfire lunch
  • Clay creature art and craft activity
  • Making and decorating a fantastic forest wand to take away with you
  • Designing a bug/forest butterfly
  • Woodland games
  • Farewell song around the campfire to finish off your day
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Days can be arranged for weekends or during the school holidays, from age 3 upwards.

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If you would like further details about Family Bushcraft days in Garstang, Lancashire then please call us on 01995 605804 or email us on